What to Do If You are in Toledo Area

Visit Toledo Region for Ideas or ....
Get Outside!
Get Science!
Get Art, History, and More!
Maumee Bay State Park
Imagination Station Pure Science Pure Fun
Toledo Art Museum
Toledo Metroparks
Toledo Zoo
Amish - Shipshewana
577 Foundation
University of Toledo Planetarium
UT Dept. of Theater and Film
Toledo Botanical Garden
Lourdes College Planetarium
Cedar Point
Johnston Fruit Farms
Henry Ford Museum
Toledo Public Library
Greenfield Village
Butterfly House
Sandpiper Maumee Boat Tour
Indoor Ice Skating
African Safari Wildlife Park
Willis Boyer Ship
Toledo Farmer's Market
Toledo Lotus Yoga
Fort Meigs

Links for Graduate Students

Dr. Apul's expectations from her graduate students
Effective presentation tips
How to write a paper
Writing your cover letter
An effective poster link
AEESP SSC Wiki: Ideas for new faculty members
AEESP SSC Wiki: Job Search Resources for Environmental Engineers
The Office of Research Integrity
10 Ways to Be a Successful PhD Student
6 Essential Study Tips for the PhD Student
How to stay sane through a PhD
Surviving a PhD

Research Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

I am always looking for motivated undergrad student researchers. Please contact me if you are interested in doing research with me. You may also want to check out the below links.
Summer research opportunities
UT's office of undergrad research
NCSE environmental internship opportunities


Office of research integrity guidelines to avoid plagiarism

LCA References

The International Reference Life Cycle Data System Handbook (2012)
Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment of Products (2009)
PAS 2050 (2011)
Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard (2011)
Building products life cycle inventory
Total cost assessment methodology
Prosuite Framework on LCIA
Three myths about product LCAs
Social hotspot database
Operational guidance for Life Cycle Assessment Studies of the Energy Efficient Buildings Initiative

Life Cycle Inventory Data
LCA Digital Commons by USDA
Canadian Raw Materials Database
European Union ELCD Database
EcoInvent from Switzerland
Mapping of flow and stocks of resources to forecast waste in Europe
ESU LCA projects and data
Food LCI
Harmonized energy LCA by NREL

LCA Reports of Interesting Products

LCA of tissue papers

EPD and PCRs

EN 15804 EPD

Solar References

Solar supply chain map by Ohio Solar Energy
Energy LCA Harmonization
PV LCI by ESU services
Smartgreen Scans for LCA of PV

Climate Change

Climate Communication
US Global Change Research Program
Global Climate Change Impacts in the US
US Climate Change Science Program Synthesis 3.3 2008
Changing Climate by OSU
Tri-agency Climate Education Catalog (TRACE) that may be helpful for climate education outreach
Sea level study


Buildings water data

Carbon Footprint and LCA

Chicago Climate Action Plan
The Secret Life of Things (a fun resource on LCA learning)
Energy LCA pubs from U of Columbia
Consumer's Guide to Carbon Offsets
Plastic Piping Systems LCA
CO2 Now
Industry perspective on LCA

Climate Change and Water Infrastructure

Aqueduct water risks map
Minnesota Water Sustainability Framework
USEPA's Climate Change and Water Information and Education
USEPA's Climate Change and Water
Sustainable Water Systems:Step One - Redefining the Nation’s Infrastructure Challenge
Cogeneration Plant at Bayview Wastewater Treatment Plant
ACEE: Energy Use in Water Companies
ACEE: Water-Energy Nexus

Rainwater Harvesting

Texas Rainwater Harvesting Manual
American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association
Ontario Guidelines for Residential Rainwater Systems
The Center for Rainwater Harvesting
Fact sheets on rainwater harvesting
Toledo OH Precipitation Data
Water Tank Cost
Filter Cost
Pipe Cost
OptirRTC technology


Economic assessment of green infrastructure (NOAA)

Composting Toilets

The Humanure handbook

Urine Separation

Nutrient recovery in Africa

Innovative Water, Wastewater/Stormwater Infrastructure Technology

Google: Strass Austria Energy for various links to net zero energy WWTP

University of Toledo Links

Outdoor Classroom Garden
Facilities and Con​struction


Environmental Leader
UNEP Towards a Green Economy Report 2011
EPA Sustainability Website
EPA Social Impact Assessment Webiste

Sustainability Education

Multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary

College Teaching

How to write learning objectives
How to write learning objectives (Washington University)

Links for Finding Sustainability Jobs

Green Dream Jobs
Sustainable Business

Educational Resources for Elementary School Teachers

Beyond Weather and the Water Cycle
National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA)

Educational Resources for Middle and High School Teachers

Global and Regional Climate Change
Global Climate Change Modules from PBS and NASA
Beyond the Universe

Interesting Career Development Articles for Students

Alan Trefler of Pegasystems, on Valuing Employees’ Opinions - NYTimes.com.pdf
Good leaders encourage workers to challenge their ideas, says Alan Trefler, founder and CEO of Pegasystems. Employees should be willing to understand, accept and communicate the logic behind management decisions rather than simply obeying orders blindly. "I often tell people that if somebody cites me as the reason for doing something, they should throw them out of the office," Trefler says

Why you should think about sustainability like an engineer



Fluid Mechanics

Hydraulics Institute

Sustainability Engineering Lab Templates

memo template for manuscript revisions

teaching assistant performance review template