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2016 (in press)
Celik, I., Song, Z., Cimaroli, A.J., Yan, Y., Heben, M., Apul, D.S. (in press) Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Perovskite PV Cells Projected from Lab to Fab. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
Devkota, J., Davani, H., Burian, S., Apul, D.S. (in press) Introducing Demand to Supply Ratio as a New Metric for Understanding Life cycle Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions from Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Journal of Cleaner Production.
Tavakol-Davani, H., Burian , Devkota, J., Apul, D. S. (in press) Performance and Cost Based Comparison of Green and Gray Infrastructures to Control Combined Sewer Overflows, Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment.

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Book on Carbon Footprint Analysis


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