Dr. Apul chaired the Student Services Committee of AEESP from 2008 to 2010 and is currently still active in this committee. This committee provides many services for students, especially those looking to stay in academia. Students interested in academic careers are encouraged to check out our workshop Wiki page.

Dr. Apul coordinates and leads the sustainability activities of the Civil Engineering Department at University of Toledo. We recently launched a sustainability website for the civil engineering department. I invite you to explore it to see what our department is doing on sustainability.

We work with Toledo Public School staff and students and Ohio's migrant children on various projects related to water sustainability. Undegraduate and graduate students in our research team are typically involved in these activities.

2015 Water infrastructure fun with middle school students

migrant outreach 2014.jpg
2014: Jay, Robert, and Dr. Apul working with teachers that teach our curriculum to migrant students.

2010 Working with Ohio teachers on water infrastructure sustainability

Summer 2008: Dr. Apul and PhD Student Raja Chowdhury discussing water sustainability with Latino Youth summit students

Summer 2008: Latino Youth Summit Students measured water flow rates in an open channel flume

Spring 2008: Water sustainability: Undergrad student Eddy Saab helping Robinson Middle School students with their flowrate calculations after students watched Dr. Apul do the experiment on TV.

2008 October Raingarden tour with UT students, and middle school teachers and students

Maria Diaz helping Robinson Middle School students prepare for Science Olympiad (February 2007)

2007 Fall:Robinson middle school students learning about flowrate